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We are your personal trainer, your health coach, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your gym buddy, your shoulder to sweat on. Basically, we are your one-stop for getting ALL your fitness needs to your sweet home.


Ari has been practicing Personal Training since 2015, specializing in functional movement mechanics, strength gain and lean muscle growth. He fell in love with weight training in 2013, about a month into exercising consistently and noticing the inevitable results of consistency. Taking his passion for fitness and education through the University of Illinois at Chicago and the International Fitness Association, Ari went on to consult and train at Fitness Formula Clubs before branching out to start his own at home-based personal training practice, AVA. Ari trains his clients holistically by integrating his knowledge of nutrition and body mechanics to ensure clients attain their individual goals as well as:

  • Increased sleep, mood and energy levels

  • Lower blood pressure and stress levels

  • Consistent endurance and strength gain

  • Improved metabolism, sense of balance and confidence

Aris’ training philosophy comes from his experience working closely with Physical Therapists to help injured patients going through rehabilitation gain function, strength and mobility. He utilizes this experience by channeling it to help his clients reach their individual goals injury-free. 

Core strengthening is at the core of all his exercise programs because without a strong core, lower back stability, balance, coordination, and brainpower are all off the table which leaves the individual more prone to injury. By incorporating various core strengthening exercises into workout programs, clients can achieve their goals without attaining injuries or feeling overwhelmed. 

He loves working with clients with different goals, but Ari especially enjoys working with clients looking to improve their total overall health and wellness. Whether it be strength and mass gain or fat loss, Aris’ holistic approach to coaching expedites the process and makes it a lot easier to follow. 


When he is not training clients or helping patients with their rehabilitation, Ari enjoys weight lifting, photography, furiously eating, traveling and learning about different cultures.